Los Angeles Lakers or Miami Heat: Which NBA Superteam Gets To 20 Wins First?

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat were the most talked-about teams leading up to this 2010-11 NBA season.  Most people predicted these squads would eventually meet for a seven-game series in June for the title.

While both teams look good on the surface, the Lakers seem to be outperforming the Heat.

Los Angeles is 7-0 and is averaging 13.6 more points than their opponents.  Miami is 5-2 and is averaging 13.2 more points per game than their opponents.

The Lakers have the better record, and after last night, the better point differential. 

I'm inclined to say that actual wins and losses are a much more telling statistic than point differential, but the Lakers have both categories right now.

Can the Lakers keep up this pace?  Will the Heat catch them?  Which team will get to 20 wins first?  Let's look at each and every upcoming game in the next few weeks for both teams and see...

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