Los Angeles Lakers Offer Jordan Hill Right Stage for True Breakout Season

Plenty has been made of the Los Angeles Lakers' 2014-15 campaign. From Kobe Bryant's return and Julius Randle's arrival to Steve Nash's swan song and Jeremy Lin's latest career-defining crusade, there are pressing angles galore in Hollywood.

Add Jordan Hill breakout watch to that list.

Unlike the rest of his peers—including Carlos Boozer and Ed Davis—Hill has flown under the radar. He signed his contract—two years, $18 million—and that was pretty much it. There's been no talk about him developing a three-point shot (thankfully), no mention of him becoming a more prominent part of Los Angeles' offense. There hasn't even been chatter about his hair, which is still growing strong.

Focus has lied elsewhere, in Bryant's renewed love for extreme fadeaways, Randle's conditioning, the Lakers' apparent aversion to three-pointers and many other areas. But while there are more important players and developments to follow, the opportunity being granted to Hill is not insignificant. It's actually big.

Breakout big.


Existing Evidence

Head coach Byron Scott has already named Hill as the starting center, according to the Los Angeles Daily News' Mark Medina. That's more than Mike D'Antoni did for Hill last season. Frankly, it's more than any NBA coach has done for him in the last five years.

Last season saw Hill waffle in and out of the Lakers' fluid, ever-changing starting lineup. He played in 72 games and came off the bench in 40 of those. His role on that 27-win dumpster fire was a visual exercise in inconsistency. 

Enjoying the continuity of confirmed purpose helps by itself. Perpetual turbulence has plagued Hill's NBA tenure. The only consistent aspect has been confusion.

And his play.

When Hill is on the floor, he's productive. He averaged 9.7 points and 7.4 rebounds on 54.9 p...

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