Los Angeles Lakers, Not the Miami Heat, Have a Shot at History

Many people were expecting immediate slaughter from the Miami Heat with all the hoopla that surrounded them this past summer. Today's NBA world has turned into a world where people have wild thoughts that normally shouldn't (and wouldn't) turn into reality. I believe the proper terminology would be "instant gratification."

Such is the case with the 2010-2011 Miami Heat.

Even one Van Gundy stated he sees this Miami Heat team toppling the 1996 Chicago Bulls' record of 72-10.

People are often so quick to react. There is no median. There is only extremism (pure love or hate, which is commonly known as being "biased"). What happened to logical thinking? What happened to the proper thought process? What happened to COMMON SENSE?

While the Heat have gotten off to a 4-1 start behind stellar defense, common sense states that in the past 40+ years no team has won 70+ games without a true center—a position they are severely lacking.

On the other side of the country the LA Lakers are putting together a quiet W-L record of 4-0. Other than opening night, the Lakers have dominated the three other teams they have played.

It also doesn't hurt to have the best PF in the game, three of the top 15 defenders in the game, the best "sixth man" (who should be a starter), arguably (you happy?) the best center (when healthy), a top-10 three-point shooter who fits perfectly in the triangle, great role players, and let's not forget the best pure shooting guard in the league.

If that's not enough, how about the best coach in NBA history? Does this not seem like the "perfect" team (other than D. Fisher, who by the way isn't all that bad—one of the most reliable shooters in crunch time)?

Factor that in with a much weaker Western Conference and you're looking at what could be the best record in NBA history.

In my opinion, the teams that pose a challenge to the Lakers' shot at his...

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