Los Angeles Lakers Not Firing On All Cylinders

Hey, Lakers’ fans, how are you enjoying the team’s play over the past week?  What a terrific way to head into the playoffs, huh?

The team is really focused.  Phil Jackson has them clicking on all cylinders.  Don’t worry that some of these lower-ranking teams are outplaying them in points in the paint, fast break points, offensive rebounds, total rebounds, overall shooting percentages and three-point shooting.

Oh, did I mention hustle?  Well, throw that one in, too.

But no big deal.  It’s all part of their playoff scenario.

You see, the past two championships came fairly easy because the Lakers had home court advantage over most of their competition.

But this year, they have decided to go after No. 3 the hard way.  It’s called drama, fans.

The team has decided to see if Phil Jackson can win his fourth three-peat without home court advantage, and is clearly ensconced in the role of the underdog.

After all, if Phil is worth his salary, it should be no problem, right?  And, if not, there is always Kobe Bryant.  The Black Mamba will not let this team go down in flames.

Forget that the Lakers are playing like the San Antonio Spurs of a couple weeks back.  It will just make the odds on this team go sky high. 

Last week, no one expected any other team but the Lakers to win the NBA title.  This week, as they limp and crawl into the playoffs, no one expects them to get past the second round.

Even Andrew Bynum says this team is putting out a lot of negative energy.

But you just wait, Lakers’ fans.  Just wait…just wait…just wait.

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