Los Angeles Lakers Need To Use Their Offensive Talent Better To Win Now

To restate the obvious, the Lakers offense was potent enough to win a championship this past season.  However, they never fully optimized the talents of many of their players.

Few people would argue that Lamar Odom 's diverse skill set is fully utilized in the current offense, Ron Artest has been more productive in other offenses including much more of an inside game, Kobe could benefit from more open looks, Gasol and Bynum should get more looks earlier in the shot clock .  Overall the Lakers took far too many poor quality shots late in the shot clock often as a result of mediocre ball movement.

This leads to the question, how might an offense better approach its optimum ability without disrupting what is already very good?

Here are a few ideas I would like to see attempted: 

1) Move Odom into the starting lineup at small forward for the dedicated purpose of putting pressure on the opposing defense, Artest would fall into the traditional role of defensive stopper off of the bench.  Moving Odom to the starting lineup might create offensive opportunities for the opposing small forward, but this can be compensated for in several ways.  For example Odom would over-pressure the opposing shooter/small forward on the perimeter forcing them to pass or drive towards their weak side into the interior length of the Lakers defense with Odom trailing for a possible backside block. 

Offensively  this move provides the team with near overwhelming length and skill at each position.

2) Keep the triangle as the base half court offense but run the fast break much more and get into the half court offense much earlier in the shot clock.

3) With the Odom, Bynum, and Gasol front court on the defensive end, release one of them on the break as soon as the opposition shoots the ball.  This will take some work to implement, but with two (long) members of the fron...

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