Los Angeles Lakers: Mitch Kupchak Will Stay in L.A…For Now

While there's been no indication that Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak wants to leave the organization, there have been teams who want to woo him. 

You may remember recently when there was talk about the Portland Trail Blazers looking at Mitch Kupchak to fill their GM position, but there was absolutely no indication from him that he was interested. Chris Broussard of ESPN reported:

Kupchak is one of the Blazers' top targets in their quest to land an executive with experience running a franchise's basketball operations, sources told ESPN.com.

But all the speculation can end now. The Portland Trail Blazers have inked a deal with Neil Olshey, previously of the Los Angeles Clippers (via the Los Angeles Times). Olshey and the Clips failed to find an agreement between them, after announcing that they had reached one. Olshey took a three-year, $3.6 million contract, which provides him with more money and security than the Clippers were willing to offer. 

However, there are still other teams who might try to steal away the legendary GM. One of these is the Orlando Magic. CBS Sports is reporting:

The Orlando Magic will begin scheduling interviews for their general manager position Friday and hope to have an executive in place within three weeks... Among the characteristics said to be most prized by Magic CEO Alex Martins is championship experience. So while there have been no public indications that Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak will be available or wants to leave Los Angeles, Kupchak is expected to be among the first wave of candidates the Magic pursue.

The Lakers would have to grant permission for Kupchak to enter into talks with another team, and that isn't likely to happen. They are in the midst of trying to create a new roster that can make a real run at the championship. The last thing they want to do is go looking for a new GM. 

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