Los Angeles Lakers + Matt Barnes = NBA Dynasty

Somewhere deep down inside Kobe Bryant is smiling. Why? The Lakers just got tougher.


Matt Barnes has always been an underrated journeyman. However, each place he lands, he plays with grit and toughness, like a player vying for a new contract (which he often is). He usually defends the opposition’s toughest player. This is no easy task. Yet, he takes on the challenge with something that can only be described as zeal.


Yes, the Lakers have Ron Artest, but why not have two players who are amped about defending and can shoot the corner three? Barnes fortifies the Lakers' toughness, making things incredibly difficult for the Celts, Magic, Thunder, and Heat.



Chemistry issues?


Barnes is a wildcard to be sure. He has to be right? How else do you go through several teams in several years? Otis Smith, the Magic GM, didn’t even break a sweat to bring him back. And after a much publicized dust-up with Bryant and Lamar Odom, shouldn’t the Lakers be worried? Two words: Phil Jackson.


Not only has Jackson managed to get the best out of two world-class head cases in Dennis Rodman during his tenure with the Bulls and Artest this year, but even Kobe welcomed his former nemesis to the tune of his second consecutive championship. Artest > Barnes.


With an alpha dog like Kobe to keep him in check and the Zen Master working his special brand of magic, this hardly presents a challenge.


If nothing else, acquiring Barnes does two things: 1) keeps him away from a contender (i.e., the Celtics or the Heat), and 2) eliminates another tough-as-nails defender who always likes to beat up on Kobe. No ONE defender can stop Kobe, but taking him into the fold eliminates the issue altogether.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers