Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant: The Hunger

You’ve won a title. Now you’ve defended it. What motivation can you have to contend for a third ring?

“I don’t really need any outside motivation to get me going. I’m just wired that way. I’m here. I’m here to win, I’m here to focus and do my job. That’s what I’m going to do.” – Kobe Bryant

Since the alleged rape case in Colorado, Bryant has had a way of dealing with the media.

He’s not the crowd-pleaser like LeBron. You can tell he hates going to those damn meetings.

Suddenly his legs feel heavy as he drags himself to that press conference. His lips feel lethargic and his words embody brevity. It’s a waste of his time. He’d rather spend that extra hour practicing his shots, or conditioning that knee.

In the craziness of all that’s been going on this summer, Bryant had nothing to say about the superpower in Miami, Shaq going to Boston, or even to being ranked as the second-best shooting guard after Wade.

Frankly, his pep talk about not needing motivation doesn’t really say much about what he really feels inside.

When Boston made it to the Finals this past season, I know Bryant was reflecting on the 39-point loss in 2008. But he’ll never admit it. He’ll just tell you that all that matters is the championship.

So, while the bromantic threesome is flaunting their strut down in Miami, the green-eyed Shaq is spying his fifth ring to spite Bryant, and haters are ready to throw the guillotine at Kobe’s every mistake, are we to believe that his only motivation is that he’s just wired “that way”?

Excuse my French, but that’s bullshit.

When Shaq got his fourth ring with Wade, Kobe’s jealousy was brimming over the top. But he won’t ever bring it up until he’s surpassed Shaq. And I quote Bryant: ...

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