Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant Is The Solution To Team’s Offseason Woes

With basketball starting in less than two months and the major free agency scramble finished, it would seem that NBA news would take a back seat.

Thanks to the boys in purple and gold, that just won’t happen.

The Los Angeles Lakers were given the Showtime moniker in the days of Magic Johnson due to their flashy play, eye-popping performances, and head-scratching moves on the court.

In 2010, it’s all the same. Just off the court.

On Wednesday, new Lakers forward Matt Barnes was arrested in Sacramento after authorities determined he was the “aggressor” in a physical dispute with his girlfriend. Both had visible injuries.

People celebrate in weird ways. Some people throw parties, others throw punches.

This news comes on the same day as Ron Artest’s police encounter while driving his Indy Car around downtown Los Angeles with expired tags. He wanted to stay off the 5-0’s radar, but this is clearly not the best way to do it.

If Danica Patrick wouldn’t do it, he shouldn’t either.

With those two Lakers blowing up the news, many writers have deemed Los Angeles’ favorite sons full of bad boys who don’t have the chemistry to three-peat.

They thought it was tough with Artest before, but now, they are just salivating to make predictions of demise.

Add that to Andrew Bynum’s arthroscopic surgery on his knee, no rest for Lamar Odom thanks to the FIBA World Championships, new Laker Derrick Caracter’s conditioning, and a log jam in the backcourt, and there appear to be some issues.

Those problems have caused the Lakers to lose the title of odds-on favorite to the revamped Miami Heat. Needless to say, Lakers’ fans are irate.

Fear not, City of Angels. Despite the apparent heap of complications, there’s one person the city should look to for solutions...

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