Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant Is the Missing MVP Candidate

Kobe Bryant is the NBA's star and hands down the toughest active player to play in the NBA today.

Yet the only two names being thrown around lately for the league’s MVP are LeBron James, and Kevin Durant. Can anyone explain why?

The MVP award shouldn’t be awarded to the best basketball player on paper. It should be awarded to the player in the league who means the most to his team and makes the most of the opportunities that he is presented with throughout the season.

I am tired of the LeBron James love-fest I see every time ESPN’s analysts Chris Broussard, Jon Barry, and Laker great Magic Johnson discuss who should win the MVP award. They don’t know what they are talking about—this same bunch all picked the Heat to beat the Lakers Sunday night and clearly they looked like fools during the halftime report as each analyst regressed on their original game prediction’s.

Kevin Durant is a great basketball player undoubtedly. But he isn’t far and away the best player on his team. He clearly lacks true leadership of his team as he shares it with another great young NBA player in Russell Westbrook.

Imagine Kevin Durant takes a night off; it’s very possible to imagine Russell Westbrook could fill the void with leadership and points scored. Kevin Durant is averaging 28.2 PPG, but Russell Westbrook isn’t too far behind him with 23.6—and he isn’t even a shooting guard.

LeBron James, on paper and talent, is the best player in the NBA. But shouldn’t the best player in NBA know it? Case and point, LeBron James shy’s away from the pressure and as Bill Simmons said it “I never thought he would pick HELP!” by going to Miami.

I heard those same NBA analysts above mention how James “made the right basketball play” Friday night in their loss against Utah.


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