Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant and the Lakers All-Decade NBA Team

During the 2000s decade (2000 – 2009), no NBA team experienced more success than the Los Angeles Lakers. During that span, the Lakers reached the NBA Finals six times and won four of them.

During these years, there were many standout players for the team that helped contribute to the 530 wins and playoff runs. Leading the pack is obviously Kobe Bryant, who was named the NBA Player of the Decade by TNT and ESPN.

But who makes up the other 11 spots?

This article will break down the most deserving candidates for the starting spots per position, as well as seven reserve places.

Please note that only contributions during the 2000-2009 seasons were taken into consideration in selecting players. Thus, the 2010 championship season and current season do not qualify.

Feel free to comment about the selections, and whether there were any players that should have made the team or been a starter.

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