Los Angeles Lakers: Is Andrew Bynum the Next Great L.A. Big Man?


The Los Angeles Lakers have been blessed with the greatest collection of centers any NBA franchise has ever had. 

Most basketball aficionados are aware of this great lineage, George Mikan the first dominant NBA star and five time NBA champ, Wilt Chamberlain who re-wrote the record books and won two NBA championships, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the all-time scoring leader and six time NBA champion, then came Shaquille O'Neal, aka Superman, the self proclaimed "Most Dominant Ever," and four time NBA champ, and we can add power forward and center and seven footer Pau Gasol to this list of great Laker bigs. 

Can the Lakers current young center Andrew Bynum fill these shoes and take his place as the next dominant Laker center?

Bynum has shown he has the skills. This postseason he proved his toughness playing hurt, he has had flashes of dominance, and has statistically improved every year.  He is the youngest player ever to be drafted and had limited high school experience, but incredible potential. 

By the age of 22, Bynum already has won two NBA championships and is on a team that should contend for the next few years.  So far the biggest obstacle in young Bynum's career has been injury, so remaining healthy will play a huge part in how much better Bynum will be.

The comparison to the past great Laker bigs is difficult, Mikan's era is not really comparable, and Wilt, Kareem, and Shaq are (along with Bill Russell) in the uber-elite almost untouchable level.  Gasol is a hybrid power forward and center whose game is much different than his younger teammate.


I do see Hall of Fame potential in Bynum, it just remains to be seen if his health holds up and if he has the work ethic and hunger to be the best.  So if Bynum is not Wilt, Kareem, or Shaq level, what is...

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