Los Angeles Lakers: How Would the Miami Heat Match Up in the NBA Finals

With the additions of Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and a supporting cast of role players to Dwyane Wade’s Miami Heat, they have become the odds on favorite in many circles to challenge the Lakers for this year’s NBA Championship. Since fans of both teams and many NBA analysts seem ready to dismiss both teams conference opponents let’s preview the 2011 NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat.


Point Guard:

Neither team is very strong at Point Guard but the matchup between Mario Chalmers and Derek Fisher will be an important one in any contest between the two teams. It is a classic contest between veteran guile and young athleticism. Chalmers’ speed gives him an edge on both ends of the floor but on this Miami Heat team Chalmers’ will not have many responsibilities, potentially not even bringing the ball up the floor. This makes Fisher the more important player in a seven game series as he has been known to drain clutch shots in big moments when the Lakers desperately need somebody not named Bryant to step up out on the floor.



Surprisingly this category goes to the Heat. There is no getting around the fact that regardless of who is more talented, the Heat simply do not need contributions from Chalmers’ on offense to be successful. In order to win his matchup and help his team win, all Chalmers’ needs to do is stop Fisher which should not be much of an issue for the younger, more athletic, and constantly improving former Jayhawk.


Shooting Guard:

The showdown between Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant is the marquee matchup of any series between the Heat and Lakers. They are undoubtedly two of the league’s top three players and both players possess solid skills in all aspects of the game. Kobe is a better scorer but Wade is a better distributor and probably has the e...

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