Los Angeles Lakers: How Long Can the Lakers Fly Under the Miami Heat Radar?

The long and grueling experience of being part of the now infamous "Heat Fiasco," has slowly began to die off.

Struggling in the beginning of the season may come as a shock to many Heat fans, but for others, this just comes as a mere reality of three big-time players beginning their long journey to forming a team into a dynasty, and for those who don't understand what a dynasty is, I'll at least tell you it takes more than one year to become a dynasty.

This Heat hype may prove to linger around the league far longer than most fans desire, but their recent level of play has allowed the NBA to take a break from the grueling fumes of the Miami Heat.

Returning as reigning world champions, the Lakers have somewhat flown under the Heat' radar if you will. The Lakers are currently 12-2 and are sitting at the #2 spot in the west.

For the Lakers, the forming of a new "Big Three" has proven to be a type of cloaking device from the world of NBA fans, considering all of the attention has gone to the Heat.

It seems as though this has been a benefit for the Lakers, with the Heat taking some attention and pressure of the Lakers.

The phrase, "nothing lasts forever," has proven to be valid in most situations; that is why I expect a shift in attention from the Heat to the Lakers, as long as the Heat continue to struggle for wins.

As a Laker' fan, it is ironic to want the spotlight to continue to be on the Heat, but the matter of the fact is less attention equals less pressure, and for a good team in the Lakers, that's always a plus.

Considering the current circumstances of the Heat, it is only a matter of time when the hype begins to die down, though it already has somewhat.

The question is, how long the Lakers can use this "cloak" to remain under the radar of the NBA?

The easiest way for the Lakers to remain under the radar of the NBA would...

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