Los Angeles Lakers: How Can The Defending NBA Champs Lose To The Cavs?

This was not what I had in mind for three in a row, fellas.   That was one of the most shocking, inexcusable losses I have ever seen on a professional basketball court.  When James Worthy is at a loss for words on the postgame show and when he finally finds his tongue to call the Lakers out for quitting, you know it's bad.  Wow.  And then Phil Jackson said basically the same thing in his postgame interview.  In fact, apparently, Phil didn't even talk to the team.  Just told them to show up 11:30am Monday morning.  

That was atrocious and embarrassing.  

Before we go any further, let's take a moment to acknowledge the effort of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  They played with pride.  Ramon Sessions had a great game.  Hats off.  Byron Scott, job well done.  

Back to the Lakers.  I don't want to tell a Hall of Fame coach like Phil Jackson how to coach.  It's kind of an unwritten rule here in LA not to do that.  Guess what?  I'm breaking the rule.  Deal with it.  

Ever heard of a trap game, Phil?  This was a textbook one.  Lowly, thinly talented team suffering through a terrible season after a crushing psychological offseason loss (LeBron to Miami) that you are playing on the road and that you crushed by 55 points last time around.  The arrogant Lakers thinking they can just phone it in.  But they forgot that these Cavs are pros too.  They are men with pride, just like you.  The Lakers constantly seem to forget that home games like this one are like the Super Bowl to their opponents. 

The Cavaliers have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so they can play fast, loose and aggressive.  And that's when the shots start falling.

That toggle switch you always seem to think that can just be flipped?  Guess what, it's turned into a panic button.  That sound you just heard is me hitting ...

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