Los Angeles Lakers Have Nothing to Lose by Signing Michael Beasley

If free-agent forward Michael Beasley is a no-risk option for the Los Angeles Lakers, does it matter what type of reward—high, low or anywhere in between—he offers?

Doesn't that absence of risk combined with an obvious need for talent at his position make him an attractive target for Hollywood's finest? You bet it does, and fortunately, the Lakers seem to agree.

The former No. 2 overall pick worked out at the team's practice facility recently, sources told ESPNLosAngeles.com's Dave McMenamin, and he impressed during the session.

"[Beasley] looked very good and he has been working out," a source said, per McMenamin. "A tiny rust from layoff, but [he] did a good job."

Bill Oram of the Orange County Register confirmed the workout but added that nothing has progressed beyond that point:

The fact that Beasley wowed the workout crowd should surprise no one. Basketball has never been his problem.

As Bleacher Report's Tyler Conway explained, Beasley's problems have surfaced when he's stepped outside the lines:

There was the marijuana incident at his first event as an NBA player, the rookie symposium. There was the stint in the rehabilitation center after a series of cryptic posts on Twitter. There was the time he was pulled over with marijuana in his car in Minneapolis. Then there was the other time he was pulled over with the ganja in his car, this time in Scottsdale. The latter incident helped expedite the end of his "toxic"relationship with the Phoenix Suns.

Without question, there are red flags flying around the Maryland native, and they absolutely must be taken into account at the negotiating table.

However, those risks have already been factored into this equation. Without them, Beasley wouldn't be sitting out on the open market.


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