Los Angeles Lakers: First 6 Orders of Business for New Lakers Head Coach

They say the hardest jobs in America are teacher, preacher and President of the United States.

I would vote to have head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers added to the list. 

Managing what just might be the most high-profile franchise in the NBA, and possibly all of sports, is strenuous by definition. 

The added pressure of returning to contention and respectability after the Lakers' anemic performance in the playoffs certainly won't make things any easier.

Though the Mavericks are certainly talented, losing to a team of their less-than-top-tier caliber, particularly in the manner that they did, showed a complete lack of effort and of pride on the Lakers' part.

These are the two of the main things the new coach will have to address.

Names like former Rockets coach Rick Adelman, former Jazz coach Jerry Sloan and former early '90s Lakers/Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy have all been dropped as potential candidates for the job.

Whomever the Lakers sign as their next coach will need to come prepared for a high-stress, low-tolerance environment in which they will be expected to right the ship(wreck) quickly.

Here are six things he will need to do to get started.

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