Los Angeles Lakers Finding Form Before All-Star Break


The Lakers had their hearts broken after losing to the Denver Nuggets last Friday. Now, the Lakers are finding form after beating the Blazers by a convincing 20 points and the Spurs by 12.

The Lakers bench looked very deep Monday night against the San Antonio Spurs. Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar, in particular, played very well. Farmar was too quick for the Spurs on the high screen and rolls and Shannon Brown has really made a name for himself this year for the Lakers, as he is always a threat when he comes into the game. Now that Brown has developed a jump shot, he is a lot more confident and dangerous on the offensive end.

The Lakers showed a spark that they haven't shown since last year. The spark occurs is when there is balanced scoring and when they play with intensity. 

The Lakers' bench wasn't very effective last year in the playoffs. This win against the Spurs was crucial, because they now have both confidence and momentum going into the All-Star break.

The Lakers are at their best when Kobe doesn't have to do everything and when their scoring is balanced.  To execute, everybody needs to be in attack mode for the Lakers. This is especially important for Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, because in my opinion they are the most inconsistent players on the team.

Instead of just watching Kobe do everything, the Lakers need to move the ball and play as a team. This, in my mind, is the biggest key to winning another championship.

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