Los Angeles Lakers Fall to Dallas Mavericks 109-100: Another Night, Another Loss

Another sad pathetic game by the "other" team of Los Angeles.

Maybe Blake Griffin did to them what LeBron James did to the Cavs since the Lakers have not been the same team since they lost to the Clippers. 

Sure, they won against an uninspired Thunder team at home the night after, no doubt amped by their "punking" by Blake Griffin.

But today's beating by a slumping Dallas team that had lost their six previous games was ridiculous especially since we were leading by eight in the third quarter.

Again, like the beating administered by the Clippers, we began slipping near the end of the third and never recovered.

Bynum was terrible again. We really should consider benching him and moving Gasol to center so Lamar can start again.

Mr. Kardashian did well with his fourth 20 and 10 game of the season, his first since December 1.

Maybe he learned a few things from Blake Griffin. Buss should call Stern and have him schedule more Clippers games for us.

You also wonder when our point guards will start passing. Two assists by Fish in 25 minutes is nonsense.

The only thing good about that is he outplayed Blake with ZERO assists in 22 minutes.

It's not like we have shoot-first point guards. Even Iverson had more assists than that on a nightly basis.

Kobe and Kidd had the same amount of points and assists, 21 and 10.

All good except Kobe needed 18 shots to get his 21.

Kidd? Twelve shots, including 5-of-8 three-pointers.

Well what can you expect? The Lakers are clearly not accustomed to being second-banana in Los Angeles and that is exactly what's happened. 

We have Denver next on Friday. Maybe we should be considering shipping off Fisher, Blake, Brown and Luke for Melo.

Think they'll bite?

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