Los Angeles Lakers Don’t Need a King, They Need a Rifle Man

There holds only one missing puzzle piece for the Los Angeles Lakers' team.

That one missing piece is in between greatness and perfection.

One might ask what the difference between the two are.

The difference is more championships.

Everyone knows the Lakers' one weakness, and every team uses that one weakness to play the Lakers "against themselves."

The weakness is obviously the three point shot or perimeter jumpers.

During the 2009-10 regular season, the Lakers shot a below-average .341 percent from beyond the arc. This one little stat cost the Lakers many of the few games they lost this year, and it wasn't because of good defense or the crowd, it was due to the Lakers IQ.

Of the many games I watched this year, I can recall multiple games where the Lakers simply "shot themselves out of the game." Those were the most frustrating losses, only comparable to the losses caused by Kobe, of course.

Anyone who was watching the game could see the simple act the opponents were doing to the Lakers. They would simply run a zone or in some cases allowed everyone on the Lakers to shoot three pointers. Of course, the Lakers being the arrogant Lakers, they went along with the game and they usually ended up losing.

Why would the Lakers fall for the same trap every time?

Well let's just say that they aren't very smart.

The only solution to this minor problem would be to get shooter right?

Yes, and shouldn't it be Sasha Vujacic or Ron Artest?

Well they were supposed to be, but obviously Sasha lost interest in improving his shot and maintaining his work ethics. I heard that Sasha is one of the hardest working players on this current Laker, team but it hasn't showed up in games.

The only way to fill this hole is to get a dead-eye shooter. I could honestly care less about who it is. It could be someone like J.J. Reddick o...

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