Los Angeles Lakers: Don’t Be Fooled, the Lakers Will Make a Repeat

In the month of March the Los Angeles Lakers went on a minor slump, being defeated by Miami, Charlotte, Orlando, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, and Atlanta.

During that span they compiled their most losses this season during a one-month period, moreover they lost three straight games for the first time in two years.

LA managed to average just 92.5 PPG during those six loses, relinquishing 102.6 PPG.

In addition, every shooting statistic was down by a minimum of four percentage points.

So freakin what?

I have seen articles, forums, ESPN TV shows, even ESPN analysts talk about how the Lakers month of March is a reason for a level of concern.

They discuss how the teams health issues and lack of depth could possibly hold the defending champions back from winning another title.

They continue to poke at the fact that a true point-guard is needed for the team to win games.

Blah, blah, blah.

We are talking about arguably one of the best starting five lineups ever, for god's sake.

The Lakers have been one of the most consistent teams all season long, ranking ninth in the league in scoring, second in rebounding, and ninth in steals.

Much kudos go to the addition of forward and one of the most underrated stars in the league in Ron Artest. Artest has provided this team with his extreme lock-down defending ability, matching up against the LeBrons and Wades of the NBA.

Along with Artest is another super underrated forward in Lamar Odom who has the talent to do everything and anything on the court.

What NBA team has four defensive-minded stars on their squad aside from the Lakers?

With a healthy Andrew Bynum (who is most likely to remain seated for the remainder of the season at this point) and the leagues most complete 7'0" athlete aside from Dirk Nowitzki (D-Howard is listed at 6'11") the Lakers are without a doubt ...

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