Los Angeles Lakers Crowd Brought Down by Celebrities?

The Staples Center in Game Seven was loud, as it should have been.  The crowd was rightfully into this historic game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics.  I wonder, however, if the crowd could have been even better—not just last night, but throughout the entire season.

Throughout Game Seven and the entire playoffs, the television broadcast had segments where it showed the plethora of Hollywood celebrities in attendance at the Lakers' games, generally sitting courtside.  Several of the celebs shown are known to be huge Lakers fans, especially Jack Nicholson, whose caption whenever he is shown only says “Jack,” as if he needs no introduction at a Lakers game. 

But presumably there are also celebrities sitting in the best seats of the house who are not very big Lakers fans at all.  They are only there because Lakers games are events just like any other LA event, and they have the money to afford attending such games in such seats.

Prior to Game Seven I was watching a Maria Menounos interview  (via Barstool Sports ), where she discussed the differences between Lakers and Celtics fans.  Maria, other than being a rich celebrity, a smokeshow (that’s an amazingly attractive girl for all you non-Stoolies), and my girlfriend, is also a huge, huge Celtics fan.  Having been in attendance at Game Six in LA, she was able to make note of some of the celebrity Lakers fans sitting courtside with her.

These “fans”, or Lakers Fakers, as she calls them, are not great fans, she says.  If they are even at the game, they are simply on their phone texting.  She said that for them, Lakers games are just another event that the celebrities need to get some face time in.  She also said that oftentimes these Lakers Fakers don’t even show up until at least midway through the second quarter, and/or leave the game early to be...

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