Los Angeles Lakers: Can They Go Undefeated?

This week Lamar Odom said that going undefeated was a real possibility. Regardless if this is true or not, it is a good sign for the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Going undefeated at 82-0 would be one of the greatest accomplishments for a team, considering that the most amount of wins a team has ever gotten was 72, and only Michael Jordan's team was able to do that. Even to win 73 games would further secure Kobe Bryant's path to becoming the greatest player of all time. 

To do this, the Lakers would have to sweep every team in the league, including beating the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic twice. Not to mention beating every team in their conference three or four times.

To me, even as a Lakers fan, it seems a little outlandish. The Lakers would have to play their best every night. The closer they would get to 82-0, the harder teams would try to beat them. This would mean they would have to have no off nights. 

Even if they cannot do this, it is a great motivation for the team. Especially for Lamar Odom who has been so hard to motivate, and Kobe Bryant who needs further motivation after just winning his fifth ring. 

Let's say they do win 82 games. They reach the playoffs as an obvious No. 1 seed, but if they happened to lose in the playoffs at some point, it would be such a huge disappointment mentally for the Lakers that it might throw them off of their game.

In the regular season, you must prepare for games after losses, the Lakers would not get a chance to do this if they go undefeated. 

But don't get me wrong, 82-0 is certainly a possibility. It would be a playoff-like atmosphere all year, striving for that extra game of going undefeated. 

If any team is to go 82-0, it's the Lakers. They have an unfair amount of depth and are playing tremendously even without their starting center, Andrew Bynum, who is returning la...

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