Los Angeles Lakers 2010-11 Season Prediction: 72 Wins?


How will the Lakers stack up against the rest?  The Lakers go into the 2010-2011 season with a lot to prove.  Shaq going green, Miami three some,  and the list goes on. We are going to take a month-by-month assessment of the teams we are faced against, and make some predictions.

Do I see 72 wins or more possible?  Certainly.

Should we attempt a 72 or more win season?  Some say yes, others no.


In the month of October, we play three games.

Houston, Phoenix, Golden State: 3-0

The key game in this month, is the season opener versus the Houston Rockets.

October prediction: 3-0


For the month of November, the season kicks into high gear!  We play 15 games in 30 days!  We are going to do it week by week for the month of November

Week One - Memphis, Sacramento, Toronto: 3-0

Week Two - Portland, Minnesota , Denver: 2-1 (Denver)

Week Three - Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, Minnesota: 4-0

Week Four - Golden State, Chicago, Utah:  3-0

Week Five - Indiana, Memphis:  2-0

The Key games this month are against Portland, Denver, and Chicago.  Those games can literally go either way.

November prediction: 14-1 (Losing to Denver)


For the month of December, the Lakers play 15 games, with 10 of them being on the road.  This month could be very hard to predict.

Week One - Houston, Sacramento: 2-0

Week Two - Washington, LA Clippers, Chicago: 2-1 (Chicago)

Week Three - New Jersey, Washington, Indiana, Philadelphia: 4-0

Week Four - Toronto, Milwaukee, Miami : 3-0

Week Five - San Antonio,  New Orleans, Philadelphia: 3-0

The Key games for the month of December, will b...

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