Los Angeles Lakers — Boston Celtics 2010 NBA Finals Match-ups

The NBA Finals begin on June 3, and fans worldwide should anticipate an all-out bloodbath between two of the league’s greatest rivals. Lakers. Celtics. Dreams do come true. Am I the only Lakers fan foaming at the mouth? Los Angeles took down the Suns Saturday thanks to a herculean effort by Kobe Bryant, who wore Grant Hill like a Granny-knitted sweater and still dominated. With the win in Phoenix, the Purple and Gold head to their 31st championship series, which is almost half of all the Finals ever played. Yes, you read that right. The Lakers have played in nearly the same number of NBA Finals as all the teams in the Western Conference combined. Hey ABC, can you bring back Dynasty? But don’t cast John Forsythe as Kobe. Boston, on the other hand, fought off the Magic with a WWE-esque smack-down in the Garden Friday. The Boston Three Party advances into the heavyweight bout for the franchise’s 21st appearance with an 85% winning percentage in the Finals. Consistency, thy name is Celtic. Winning the Finals in the past for the Mean Green is almost as sure of a lock as Tyra Banks using the words “I” or “me.” In every sentence. So who wins? Regardless of my heritage and obvious bias, I had Lakers in seven from the get-go, bringing a second parade in as many years down to Sunset Boulevard. However, these five match-ups are the biggest keys to the series, and whoever gets the best of them will win, guaranteed. Spoiler alert: Unlike ESPN, the word “X-factor” will not be used every three sentences. Begin Slideshow


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