Los Angeles Laker Head Coach Phil Jackson To Start New NBA Franchise In 2012

According to inside sources close to the Lakers Girls' lockers, Head Coach Phil Jackson will become owner of a new NBA franchise during its inaugural 2012-2013 season. Phil looks like he will make good on his vow to bring an NBA team to Montana. The team will tentatively be known as the Missoula Renegades. The team has licensed the Yosemite Sam character from Loonie Toons as its mascot.

Phil Jackson will depart from his usual habit of building a team around the best player on the planet, and plans to go with a young, athletic group centered around the core of Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, Shannon Brown, Devin Ebanks and Lamar Odom. (Odom is currently on loan to the Los Angeles Lakers).

Seriously, though, I think Phil is getting a bit greedy. Already, everyone on the team except Ratliff and Bynum can excel in multiple positions, several players can realistically play three or four spots on the floor. This give him better plug-n-play capabilities than Windows 7.

Not to mention that with Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Blake and Fisher; he has four quality play-makers to give the triangle exponential, multiple, attack capabilities. What Phil is seeking in a perfect basketball world is Zen simplicity itself... a basic swap-out B-team for A-team, and only start tinkering with line-ups to provide different looks, if nothing else is working. This platoon concept allows for two coherent teams that each know it's members and their tendencies well, but more importantly relieves Phil from spending hours contemplating recursive algorithmic substitution patterns.

The really scary thing is, when Bynum returns to the starting line-up  and Lamar returns to his Renegades, Phil may just get his wish.

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