Life After Phil Jackson: Will Jerry Sloan Return for a Chance to Win a Title?

Life is great on Figueroa Street right now. The Lakers are 15-1 since the All-Star break and find themselves four games behind the West-leading San Antonio Spurs for first place. Kobe Bryant is playing like the Kobe of old, Lamar and Artest are contributing in huge ways, and Laker bigs Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are imposing their will on every power forward or center they play against. 

Phil Jackson is content. He knows his team is ready for another championship run. They are the hottest and one of the most experienced teams. He's been here before and it won't shock the world if he walks away with his 12th ring in late June. 

Phil will most likely call it a career after. Saying he had an unbelievable career would be an understatement. He'll walk away with 11 or 12 championships. Either way, impressive.

But and then what for the Lakers?

Rumors are swirling that Brian Shaw will be promoted from within. His knowledge of the triangle offense and familiarity with the team is a huge advantage. But will his inexperience be a burden for him when dealing with alpha males? Who knows how Shaw would have dealt with the team when they were having their mid-season struggles. It's those type of things that Phil best dealt with that made him a legend.

How about Coach K? He has plenty of experience and would probably love the opportunity for a new challenge if given the right amount of money to leave Duke. He has said that he has considered the Lakers job in the past. However, do the Lakers want to take a risk with a college coach? Rick Pitino was a college legend and he didn't work out in the NBA.

Dig deeper and you find Jerry Sloan, a man nobody ever talks about returning to coach. He undoubtedly has the experience to lead a team to the Finals. He has done so twice, and if it weren't for a guy named Jordan he would probably have two titles. But he has none. And this is a problem for his legacy. He's...

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