LeBron James Saga: Everyone’s Still Playing for Second, So Enough Already!

Can we please stop with the minute by minute LeBron James & Company free agency talk? Enough Already!

Let me break it to everyone in the simplest of terms: It doesn’t matter where LeBron lands nor who comes with him. Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers are still the best team in the NBA, and they're the one to beat next season.

To paraphrase one of the best sports quotes ever by Larry Bird right before a 1980s three-point contest at an All-Star Game, “Everyone is playing for second place.”

That's what LeBron and the rest of the dream free agents are all doing. Shuffling around and positioning, all still for second place.

The media, which I am a part of, has beaten the LeBron James Free Agency Saga to death. Even our beloved Bleacher Report is guilty of it. And they should be. That is because in a boring summer of tennis and a World Cup that most Americans care little about, LeBron is all that matters. His saga sells.

But, he doesn't matter. This is a guy who keeps winning regular season MVP trophies, but won’t walk away with a title until Kobe retires. Take that to the rim. 

That’s because LeBron simply doesn't have the killer instinct required of legends. He might develop it over time, but so far, no go.

What separates Kobe from the pack is that “Eye of the Tiger” mentality he possesses. And, it is similar to all the greats. Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, even Bill Russell all burned to win. At anything and everything.

All LeBron wants to do is have fun and build a global brand. But like I said in an article last week, even the Chinese won’t buy LeBron products until he proves he’s a winner. They want excellence. That’s why Kobe pummels LeBron in product sales in China.

It’s understandable. LeBron simply has other interests. He’s a much happier person, at leas...

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