LeBron James for NBA MVP? Kobe Bryant Could Care Less

Speculation can be empowering and relatively snarky. The same goes for the consideration a prodigy from Ohio has been receiving in connection to the "most valuable and best player in the world" effusions that have smoldered between a pair of basketball's exceptional showmen today.

Who makes up that pair? Two great players from two potent teams for their respective conference rivals to reckon with—LeBron James, from the upstart and "eager to prove something" Cleveland Cavaliers, and Kobe Bryant, hailing from Hollywood on the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers.

It has been quite a moot point for some time. With power and unmistakable indefensibility, LeBron has conspicuously done so much to infuse his team with vigor and vitality, let alone a pile of tallies in the win-loss column. However, without Kobe, the Lakers aren't nestling atop the West standings.

That's a fact.

Kobe has rescued an unmotivated, sometimes short-handed, Lakers team way too many times already to senselessly argue this statement—with an array of ailments his body has had to endure throughout the process, no less.

Nobody pales in comparison to James' collection of flair, phenomenal physique, and extreme explosiveness. But Bryant's work ethic, steely resolve, fundamental expertise, and knack for taking over in crunch time are unparalleled and beyond reproach.

Is LeBron the most valuable player for the second straight year?


Does Kobe have something to say against it?

A lot.

A mentally rejuvenated and physically refreshed Kobe Bryant, as the competitions of the post All-Star festivities resume, verily has a lot of work to do in order to thwart another successful campaign by his masterfully endowed counterpart in the MVP column. If the four-time NBA champion cares at all about defending his cause at stake, that is.

Nevertheless if all else fails, there's ...

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