LeBron James and the Miami Heat Look Ugly as Boston’s Celtics Roll Again!

They were supposed to be the second coming of the Jordan-led Bulls. 

They were going to win title after title, just like the Bill Russell-led Celtics of the 1960's winning eight in a row.

They would race to a huge division lead and likely challenge for 75 wins. 

They were going to dominate in a way not seen since the mid-1980’s Magic-led Lakers.  No team would be able to keep up with the triumvirate of superstars.

There were too many weapons on the Heat.  If you key on Wade, Bosh would make you pay.  If you focused on Bosh, James would take you down. 

Yet as LeBron pouted from the pine midway through the second quarter Thursday night, with his team trailing the Celtics again, this time by 10 points, many in the arena found themselves doubting that this Miami Heat experiment is working. 

Miami, happening far too frequently, looked clumsy and plodding. Not nearly enough ball movement.   One guy drove the lane while the other four watched. How could anything this ugly ever hope to go anywhere?

Occasionally LeBron would try to bully his way to the rim, but it looked like a bowling ball scattering pins. Bodies were flying, James was whining and too many shots hit iron and harmlessly bounced away.

Meanwhile Boston had five, six, seven touches before firing a bullet pass to an open Garnet or Allen, repeatedly, consistently, on nearly every possession.  

The contrast could not be more stark. Miami's “me ball” vs.Boston's team ball. 

At halftime, Charles Barkley ripped the Heat, noting that “there is no point defense on this team.”   Barkley explained how the Celtic guards were having their way with hot ball movement and sizzling offensive touches creating wide-open looks from ten feet, and doing it with ...

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