LeBron James and Kobe Bryant: Enough Is Enough

Most of us have lost count of how many Lebron v Kobe articles we have read. In a day and age where people demand answers for every question that can be pondered, you can understand the constant debate surrounding the melodrama that is Lebron v. Kobe.

There are hundreds of articles written every year on the great debate; many of them on this site. While some people can't get enough of Lebron v. Kobe, it is becoming increasingly obvious that most basketball fans have had enough of the nonsense.

The main problem is not in the articles themselves, but in the heated debates that arise in the various comment sections that follow these articles.

Lebron James and Kobe Bryant fans are without a doubt the most passionate fans in all of basketball, and usually to love one means to hate the other.

The majority of articles on this popular debate are written from a point of view as a fan of one player or the other, and the inevitable bias is infused in the article; regardless of how objective the author attempts to be in his writing.

This of course pours fuel on the already raging bonfire these constant articles have built, and leaves even the calmer and more rational fans frustrated as the debate usually degenerates into a hate fest.

The responses between antagonists tend to range from rather benign comments to flat out death threats and everything in between. Some of the most emotionally charged and vulgar comments can be read at the bottom of any Lebron v. Kobe article.

Many knowledgeable basketball fans will spend hours typing out eloquent and insightful comments only to have a fellow expert hit them back with all the reasons why they are wrong, and hence, know nothing about basketball.

Some hardcore Lebron fans will bring up issues like Kobe's infamous rape case, and conversely, some Kobe fans will rant about Lebron's supposed bad ...

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