Lamar Odom Needs to Bring Fire

When Lamar plays well, the Lakers are extremely hard to beat. With Andrew Bynum playing inconsistently and getting into foul trouble, Lamar will get his chance to shine. Just because Kobe is back doesn't mean you can't be aggressive.

Lamar is a very versatile player because he can play multiple positions, including shooting guard, small forward, and power forward. Lamar was the fourth pick overall in the NBA draft and hasn't played to his full potential for his whole career. His best years were when he played for Miami and the Clippers.

What I mean about Lamar being more aggressive is that he only takes 10 shots per game. I know he is only the fourth or fifth option, but he is very talented.  

Last year in the playoffs, Lamar played great, averaging 12 points and nine rebounds, stepping up when the Lakers needed him. He almost averaged a double-double and he only played 32 minutes a game.

Lamar is at his best when he can shoot his three ball, as many defenders lay off him and he needs to pull the trigger more often. Lamar is great at fighting for rebounds and pushing the ball up the court. 

Lamar is 30 and is showing no signs of slowing down. He is still quick, athletic, and he can still dunk on people. He is still rebounding exceptionally, averaging 9.7 rebounds this year. He is a monster down low.





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