Lamar Odom: Listen to Lakers Star Cry About Possible Trade to Hornets for CP3

On Thursday night it was announced that a three-way trade would send star point guard Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers. One of the pieces heading to the New Orleans Hornets was to be Lakers forward Lamar Odom.

The trade has since been vetoed for unknown reasons by the NBA league office and commissioner David Stern, but Odom was a guest on Stephen A. Smith's ESPN radio show last night when it was believed that he would indeed be a Hornet.

Odom was understandably upset at the prospects of leaving Los Angeles, as he has spent 11 of his 12 NBA seasons in LA as a member of the Lakers as well as the Clippers, who drafted him out of Rhode Island.

Most of Odom's friends and family reside in Los Angeles, including his wife Khloe Kardashian who grew up in the area. On top of that, Odom has sacrificed plenty to be a part of a winning team with the Lakers. Players of his stature tend to be selfish, but Odom was willing to come off the bench for the betterment of the team.

Now that the trade appears to be dead, Odom is left in an awkward situation. While he may be able to stay in his beloved Los Angeles, he may have to play for a team that essentially put it out there for all to see that they don't want him anymore. With that in mind, Odom may be better off going to New Orleans as he would be an integral and valued part of the squad.

Just because the trade is on hold at the moment, however, doesn't mean that it won't eventually be put through. It has to be upsetting and perhaps even a little scary for Odom to have to open a new chapter in his basketball career after spending so much time in LA.

Because of that, it is entirely understandable why he was emotional. With that said, though, Odom has to realize that the Hornets may be the best team for him. They won't compete for the title, but the Hornets could have a very competitive team if this trade were to happen, and New Orleans certainly isn't a bad lo...

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