Lamar Odom and The New and Improved Bench Make The Lakers Unstoppable


The Los Angeles Lakers have the best starting five in the league hands down. This has been proven over and over for the past few seasons, with the Lakers being crowned back to back champs. Although, the Lakers have won the championship in the past two years, the road was not as easy as it should have been.

Take for instance the seven game winners Kobe had last year. These situations should never have occurred with the type of fire power in the starting lineup, which the Lakers had. Time and time again the starters would build a lead only to have it evaporate the moment the bench set foot on the floor.

Some say it was the inconsistent play of Laker forward Lamar Odom, who would no doubt be a starter on any other team in the league. It wasn't just Odom; it was the entire second unit. Sasha had an off year, Walton was injured, Brown was injured, Farmar was worried about his future, Powell was a defensive liability, D.J Mbenga was nothing more than a season ticket holder, and Phil Jackson had Adam Morrison locked in a cage below the arena.

The Lakers offseason consisted of going out to find players that addressed their immediate needs, which were all bench personnel. First, the biggest hole in the roster had to be filled, the back up point guard. Jordan Farmar didn't really pan out for the Lakers. He couldn't accept his role as a backup, which translated to poor inconsistent play when he did get time. So, bring in Steve Blake. Blake is a perfect match for the Lakers. He is a pass first, shoot later type of guy, who has a high basketball IQ, and should fit in just right with the triangle offense. Oh, and did I mention he is a solid defender and a proficient three point shooter.

The next move made was bringing in a backup for Ron Artest. Who better to fill that role than Raja Bell? Oops, Raja didn't like the thought of hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy alongside Kobe; inst...

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