Lakers Will Win in Five, and the Spaniard Will Be the Key To This Series


Today the Lakers pulled out win number one today in a some what easy game at home.

Everyone is expecting this series to go a classic Laker-Celtic series of 7-games.

I think differently.

I'm guessing you haven't forgotten about the '08 Final's a couple of years ago. The Celtics were at their very best and everyone besides Kobe, the Lakers played like 3rd grade school girls. Especially Pau Gasol.

Be more aggressive says all the Laker Fan's!

How can a 7'0, skilled big man such as Pau be afraid of players like Kendrick Perkin's and Glen Davis?

I just could not get over that fact that a superstar such as Pau could crawl up in ball in the biggest series of his career against the team we hate the most.

That's the past now.

The Lakers have a golden opportunity this year to get the sweetest revenge available.

Tonight's win, statistically guarantees the Lakers another championship considering that Phil Jackson is now 47-0 when up 1-0 in a series. But we can't count the Celtics out after one game. I mean they still have Rondo, Allen, Paul Pierce, and Garnett. Trust me this series is not going to be easy, unless one player shows up and becomes the hero of his own mess.

That man is obviously the infamous Pau Gasol.

It seemed that Pau was timid once again at the beginning of the game. Turning the ball over a couple times and he wasn't attacking. I thought the Lakers were in dog fight because of this very bad omen.

Then Pau got going by getting put backs and easy baskets.

Pau's little school yard girl had gotten on the freight train and no one could stop him now.

Throughout the game Pau made miraculous interior passes as he always does and he was rebounding the ball like crazy. Of course when he is "on" no one can stop him on the offensive end either.


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