Lakers: Why Kobe Bryant Isn’t the Greatest Los Angeles Laker…Yet

While everyone is ready to crown Kobe Bryant the greatest Los Angeles Laker of all-time, let’s hold up a moment on putting another statue up in front of Staples Center.  

Sure, Kobe is closing in on Magic Johnson as the greatest Laker, but he’s not there yet. No way. 

Before you start kicking and screaming, and cursing at your computer screen, hold up and hear me out. Because I’m serious. 

Kobe isn’t there yet. And, the person that would be the quickest to admit this is actually...Kobe. 

He’s even said he feels like he’s only finally in the discussion, and can now go to dinner with Magic. Like he is tied with Magic. Whether he means it or not, that’s his outward position.

And, true or not, that’s always going to be Kobe’s approach, even if he is really already on top. He’s fueled by being the underdog, and he  has been his entire life. He always wants to be challenged, and wants to be remembered as an overachiever with talent. 

You can see why he feels this way. He and Magic are only tied. Until Kobe surpasses Magic in rings, there will always be this discussion, this opening. But if Kobe gets to six titles, this type of debate is meaningless. But not yet.

Kobe’s still got work to do because Magic is still the best, for now. 

Here’s why.

The components that make up, at least in my opinion, the greatest Laker are: Championships Won; Level of Competition to win titles; Style of Play; and Individual Talent.

We’ll knock the last one out first. 

Kobe is by far the most talented Laker. Ever. 

Magic might not even be in second place. That isn’t to say Magic wasn’t amazing. He actually only averaged 20 points a game because he didn’t need to score thirty. But he could ...

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