Lakers vs. Pistons: Kobe Bryant Takes off Black Mask Because of Discomfort

It seems like the black mask experiment with Kobe Bryant did not work.

Kobe Bryant started the game against the Pistons wearing a newly designed black mask that was supposed to provide him with some comfort—apparently it did not do that.

Lakers reporter Mike Trudell tweeted that Kobe felt uncomfortable in the mask and he decided to go back to his original clear mask. 

Kobe has found plenty of success with the clear mask—the same cannot be said for his short time with the black mask. The Black Mamba started 1-6 from the field with the new black mask on. If something does not feel comfortable on Kobe’s face then it would definitely be tough for him to play well with it on.

The Lakers need Kobe to play at the highest level possible and it seems as if Kobe will not be able to do that with his new mask on—regardless of the fact that it makes him look like a superhero for the Lakers. 

Kobe seems to be bothered by the idea that he is forced to wear a mask and will likely take it off as soon as his neurologist allows him to. Do not expect for Kobe to wear the mask the rest of his career like Richard Hamilton did. Kobe does not need a "good luck charm" the way that "Rip" Hamilton does.


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