Lakers vs. Celtics: Tournament of Champions presents its Lakers vs Celtics: Tournament of Champions Bracket. We have selected and seeded the top eight championship teams from the Lakers' and Celtics' remarkable history.

We simulated each game 51 times using our "NBA Simulation Engine" . Winning percentages for each match-up are provided in the main bracket. Below the main bracket is a summary of the Lakers vs. Celtics TOC title game.

You can simulate any game in the tournament yourself by clicking on the underlined team name in the main bracket. In addition, you can create your own "Lakers and Celtics Dream Teams" by drafting past and present players. It's all free!

Though it now lacks the gusto that made their 1980s so compelling, the Lakers-Celtics rivalry on the NBA's grandest stage still causes the hair on the back of basketball fans' necks to stand on end come tip-off.

The 2010 NBA Finals will be no different. Though the names on the back of the jerseys change, the tradition and thirst for Gold versus Green remain unaltered.

However, to truly appreciate how this rivalry evolved to this point, you must pay your respects to the players and past franchises that constructed the current pedestal. Some even consider the final two teams in's Lakers versus Celtics: Tournament of Champions two of the top ten NBA teams of all-time.



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The top seeded 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers identity took a hit less than ten games into the regular season that year. Their franchise player Elgin Baylor had to walk away from the game, though his aching knees barely afforded him that luxury. The Lakers could have used Baylor's retirement as an excuse, but instead, led by Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West , they steamrolled their way through the regular season.

They finished the regular season with a 69-13 rec...

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