Lakers vs Celtics Game 7: Will Go Down In History As One of the Best

Tonight is the night, it is what every basketball fan dreams of—a Game seven in the NBA Finals.

Before the series began I was convinced that it would go to seven games. During the series, my thoughts changed slightly, as each team played up and down basketball at different times. However, we have arrived to the final day of the playoffs in what should go down in history as another amazing game seven in a storied rivalry.


The Celtics will be playing in their seventh game seven in the NBA Finals. Of those seven games, four of them have been played against the Lakers. In the end, Boston has won all four of these games.

Tonight’s game will be no different— the Celtics will prevail.

History shows that the home team in a game seven has a better chance of winning. In this particular case, that remains true. The Lakers have dominated at home during these playoffs and played unbelievable basketball during their game six rout. I believe the Celtics will rise to the occasion and do their best copy cat version of the famous 1969 game.

In that year, the Lakers were heavy favorites to keep the trophy in Los Angeles. The Celtics had different plans, and like tonight’s team, the trophy will return to Boston.

The Celtics will have one pressing problem that will put them at a major disadvantage. The Kendrick Perkins injury will clearly hurt them on both sides of the ball. Big Baby Davis and Rasheed Wallace will need to play top notch basketball when called upon to help contain Gasol and Bynum.

This series is all about the big four. Boston knows that Rondo will always be on his game, it’s the other three that have been a mystery. Garnett, Pierce, and Allen have each shined at different moments during this series, but it is rare that they all show up on the same night. In this game, all three of them will need to deliver exceptional play. I believe that ...

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