Lakers vs. Celtics Game 6: Why the Lakers Came, Saw & Conquered

Strength and Honor. Not just words from the Gladiator movie starring Russell Crowe, but a real code that Kobe Bryant lives by. The mantra is even on his website. And, he signs all his letters to his fans this way.

That's because Kobe embodies everything that makes a real warrior. He possess the talent and the mind but also the determination to win the war. He treats each game like a battle, each possession a skirmish. He is both methodical and spontaneous.  

“Veni. Vedi. Vici.” That phrase is Italian for “I came, I saw, I conquered.” More words the warrior Kobe follows. Again, take a look at

He trains like a real Gladiator, pushing his work ethic beyond anything the NBA has ever seen. He is more than dedicated, owing his grit to becoming a legend.

Kobe knew what was at stake in Game Six. This series is all-out war.

The latest game was another night in a deadly engagement. That is why Kobe played like he lives—a Gladiator in the arena, the loser thrown to the lions. Kobe refused to go quietly nor roll over. He has an unquenched thirst that drives him, fueling the eternal fire in his belly. 

He wants that fifth NBA title. Like a solider, he is committed to total warfare, leaving everything on the battlefield. This is a scorch the earth mentality. Fans are left to wonder how he can be so focused, so determined, so lost in the moment. 

But Kobe has his most secret weapon of all. It is the Gladiator mentality. He lives in the present, knowing each moment, each opportunity may be his last. He trains like a rookie. Prepares like a benchwarmer wanting true minutes. No one views more tape than Kobe. He watches current players and studies the legends from era’s past. Nothing gets by him. 

He’s always looking, searching for something more, some tendency, some new wrinkle to add to his arsenal. He is that General...

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