Lakers vs. Celtics Game 6: Lakers And Celtics Are Simply Following the Script

The Lakers and Celtics will play a Game 7 in the 2010 NBA Finals.

Soak that in for a moment.

There could be no better ending to what will be the last game of the season, played by the last two teams standing. Augmented by vitriol that's grown only more rancid over the decades, the stage has been immaculately set.

The series was in a dead heat before it started, with experts and geeks being split on the eventual winner. And after two grueling weeks, the Lakers and Celtics have both gone 2-1 on their home floors to play what this series was destined for: Game 7.

And it's still a 50/50 split decision on who will win.

We've had tears from Derek Fisher, slobber from Big Baby, blood from Rajon Rondo, and knee fluid from Bynum and probably Kendrick Perkins. We know that legacies are on the line . Game 7 will settle the score.

There's no reason to recap Game 6, because it has no bearing on what will happen on Thursday. The Celtics will be a completely different team. They have mastered the bounce-back game, no matter how far they have to bounce back. For the Lakers, home cooking has been the medicine for their aches and pains, as if they have a machine that sprinkles baby powder on their bums before each game.

The Celtics almost always win after losing. The Lakers almost never lose at home.

Mark it down, Game 7 will be an attrition-laden slugfest, and the trophy will be held by whoever doesn't shrink when the pressure is at it's heaviest.

It's been two weeks, and the odds are the same as before it started. 50/50. But through six games, both teams have done their job. In less than 48 hours someone will finish the job. And legacies will be changed forever as one team closes out the decade.

It's the best rivalry in the NBA. It's Game 7 in the NBA Finals. Game on.

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