Lakers vs. Celtics Game 6: I Thought the Tim Donaghy’s of the World Were Gone

I have been watching basketball for a long time.

And in all of that time, I have never seen a game, let alone a series, that has been this poorly officiated.

The disparity in total fouls is not that large, but the types of calls, and the times that they are called are extremely one sided.

For Boston to be able to take this to a Game 7 is amazing to me. I have seen clean defensive plays by the Celtics be called fouls, and blatant fouls by the Lakers go un-called.


I have seen Nate Robinson get called for a technical foul for briefly getting in an opponents face. I have seen Rasheed Wallace get t'd up for getting upset about getting called for a foul on a clean defensive play.

I have also seen Kobe yelling at the refs every time he thinks there is a foul anywhere on the court. And the only time they call one on Kobe is late in the fourth quarter when the game is way out of hand.

I'm not saying that Nate and Rasheed didn't deserve technical fouls, but with the way this has been officiated, I can understand their aggression and frustration. If this series was fairly officiated, the refs wouldn't call any fouls on Fisher and Gasol flops. Not saying Pierce doesn't get away with some, but Gasol and Fisher do ALL THE TIME!

In addition to the no-calls on the Lakers, there have been several times in this series where there have been great plays by the Celtics that have been taken away by the refs.

In Game 6, shortly after Perkins went down with a knee injury, Wallace was called for a foul on Lamar Odom on one of the cleanest blocks you can have. Not too long after that, there was a no-call on a rebound where Kobe pushed Rondo five feet out of bounds. Later in the second half, Rondo was hit in the nose by an Artest elbow, in the act of shooting, and it was not called.

Even in street-ball, the old rule goes "no blood, no foul" and with t...

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