Lakers vs. Celtics Game 5: What Los Angeles Did Wrong Last Night

What's the use of a talented team, if only one player will take the challenge?


That was not the Los Angeles Lakers that had the hunger to win it all that I had seen in the beginning of the series. Game Five was basically the whole Boston team against the lone Kobe Bryant.

I thought I saw Gasol and Odom smokin' outside my house while I was watching the game.

Before I begin, a word for the Boston crowd that had a huge effect on Odom. You were just plain terrible and ruthless.

During Odom's free throws—both of which he missed—the Boston crowd was chanting "UGLY SISTER," referring to Lamar's wife, Khloe Kardashian, and her more famous sister, Kim Kardashian.

I don't know how anyone could take that. I even saw some of the Celtics flash some sympathy in their eyes. That's how horribly cruel Boston can be.

1. The LAKERS need to step up.

No, not just Pau, Drew, Lamar, or Derek. I mean everyone . Out of all the heavyweight contenders: Orlando, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Boston, and Phoenix, which team has the inferior bench?

The Lakers must be one of the most inconsistent championship teams I've watched. Other than Kobe and Pau, you can never know what the team is going to bring. 

Shannon and Farmar combined for a single lousy point. Shannon was flat on the stat sheet. That deserves to be called pathetic, considering their athletic ability.


2. LA is switching on pick and rolls too much.

I saw too many mismatches last night.

Artest on Rondo, Walton on Perkins, and so on. Just outrageous mismatches. That's exactly what Rajon Rondo wants, a slower or bigger defender. He can use his speed to set up players when he penetrates against the mismatch—not to mention score.


Perkins just muscled his way through, and grab...

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