Lakers vs. Celtics Game 5: L.A. Reality Check Says One-Man Show Not Good Enough

Watching Game Five of the NBA Finals reminded me that there is so much more to the game of basketball than having one or two superstars on your team.

In any team sport, in order to be successful on a consistent basis, a team needs to utilize every player on the roster. One player doesn't make or break any team. Like the saying goes, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You need every player to contribute in any way possible.

The Lakers foolishly thought that just because they have arguably the greatest player on the planet, they would be able to win the Finals.

In order to have a championship-caliber team, you need a team effort day in and day out. You cannot rely on one player to win every game.

Kobe Bryant's performance in the third quarter of Game Five gave Lakers fans, like myself, the illusion that a one-man performance can be enough to bring the team a victory. If anybody on the court is hitting fade-away jump shots and 40-foot three-pointers, you would think that his team is carrying momentum.

The Boston Celtics brought us back to reality. Although Kobe was hitting ridiculous shots, they weighed no more than a lay-up or a 15-foot jump shot.

Doc Rivers called a critical time-out during Kobe Bryant's barrage of jump-shots to keep his team composed. He reminded them that as long as they play their game and stop the other Lakers from scoring, they will win the ball game. He told them not to be rattled by Kobe's crazy shots because they count just the same as a regular layup or jumper.

The Celtics were able to compete with Kobe's scoring by playing solid defense and executing on offense. They had a rhythm with the basketball and they were able to keep everyone involved on both sides of the ball.

The Boston Celtics showed everyone how basketball should be played. They showed us that every player on the floor has to be able to play offense AND defense. They us...

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