Lakers vs. Celtics, Game 3: Los Angeles’ Derek Fisher Is The Man

Everybody often overlooks Los Angeles Lakers' point guard Derek Fisher. Some criticize him, saying he is too old to play as a starting point guard with the team.

I hate it.

I hate the fact that some Lakers fans don't like him sometimes. That's just horrible. Fisher is probably one of my favorite players in the game. Why? Because he was never selfish or cocky. He didn't care about his stats. He didn't care if he was a starter or not.

Fisher went through the tough times, too. It didn't go so well when he played with the Golden State Warriors and the Utah Jazz. His situation with the Utah Jazz was probably the worse due to his daughter's illness. Fisher had to miss some of the NBA Playoffs that year and take care of his daughter. That shows how important of a man he is towards his family. He didn't care about losing $8M and owing the Jazz about $20M in his tenures with those others teams other than the Lakers.

Fisher is a big fan of God, too, and it is nice to see a guy talk about faith and everything. Fisher is just a very nice man in real life and was able to do some very important stuff in his NBA career. And that is why he has his four rings, right? He deserved them. Lakers fans, if you truly hate Fisher remember what he did for you.

They asked him about losing his starting job and he didn't care. He did everything to make sure his team can win. Fisher was always criticized for being slow in the 2009 NBA Playoffs. Remember this?

Fisher made an amazing play and beat Jameer Nelson by a higher basketball IQ. Fisher is a true basketball player and a player you would sometimes dream for. Yeah, he only had a 1,000 point season once. Yes, his stats don't show he is Hall-of-Fame worthy. He is looking to get his fifth ring and I hope he does. I also hope, by the time he retires, the Lakers will retire his jersey. He's done a lot for the Lakers. And good thing is, he doe...

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