Lakers vs. Celtics: Derek Fisher Again Prevails as Hero in Pivotal Moments

His stellar night in a hostile atmosphere indelibly was a spectacular display, assuming to revoke the memories of an uninspiring defeat a few nights ago. For the first time in 11 years, it was a portrait of an invaluable swingman to the greatest closer in the game, Kobe Bryant.

Seems the populace eventually would have figured that Derek Fisher is as brilliant and sumptuous in finishing and delivering in a crucial final's game as is Bryant. It’s almost mockery when basketball lords forget about Fisher, a veteran guard dismissed as an old and inactive competitor on the roster. He’s proudly still known for his customary clutch, game-winners and differences as time dwindles in regulation.

Each summer, in a town that sadly may wave goodbye if he decides not to return next season, endears an inspirational leader who has been fortunate to win four championships, all with a dynasty as part of the Lakers. Eventually, he’ll call it quits, but in the late years of a wonderful career, he’s amongst a reclamation period, still the inspirational and spiritual supporter on a unified core. For one night, he wasn’t old or sluggish, but an imperative savior in the Lakers 91-84 win to take a 2-1 lead in the series.

For one night, he declared fame and wasn’t lambasted because of his age and stagnant demeanor, but brought back memories of his thrilling buzzer-beater with 0.4 seconds in San Antonio years ago and his two three-pointers that stole Game Four from Orlando last summer.

The stunning night of Bryant’s porous shooting inspired Fisher to balloon as a perennial star, dauntlessly stealing the game as time dwindled and scored 11 fourth-quarter points by pushing the tempo and advancing the ball in transition.

It happened so rapidly in a series, that the Lakers suddenly controlled in the absence of Bryant, who usually fires at ease in the final minutes to close out in a ...

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