Lakers vs. Celtics: Andrew Bynum’s Silly Outburst Won’t Add Heat to Rivalry

Most will ignore the fact that Andrew Bynum is a little too amped up for the Los Angeles Lakers' match-up with the Boston Celtics. This is a huge rivalry, but with so many trade speculations surrounding both teams, I'm not sure there is any reason for the game to get chippy.

That isn't stopping Bynum from throwing some coals into the fire though. Ramona Shelburne of ESPN quoted the Lakers' young big man proclaiming:

We're going at they head. We're going at the Celtics' rack. Yo, we going at the Celtics' rack. At they head.

His Lakers' teammates added clarification, so some over sensitive, ill-informed person doesn't imply any criminal threat was intended in Bynum's statement.

Matt Barnes said:

Go at their heads?" Barnes said, chuckling. "Andrew's a character. He's playing well right now, and he's got an amazing swag. You just got to let him be him.

That just means we're ready to play.

It is so funny seeing Barnes try to behave as the civilized one in the group. Remember this guy:

Even he knows not to make too much of what comes out of Bynum's mouth. Bynum is like the big kid in school that always lets his emotions get the best of him.

He's as apt to cry, as he is to commit a nasty flagrant foul like the one that got him suspended for the first four games of this season.

Because he's 7'0", 285 pounds, and the second best center on the planet, you deal with it.

That package of size and variable behavior will be interesting when matched against the NBA's biggest bully Kevin Garnett.

Don't get too excited, a clash isn't likely. Garnett likes to pick on people who won't fight back, see Channing Frye. Bynum is so off the wall, KG won't know what to expect and Bynum's a little too big to come up snake eyes on that gamble.

My bet is there may be a little bit of jawing, but it'll quickly end in a suddenly more...

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