Lakers vs. Celtics 2010: Los Angeles Takes Game Seven From Boston, Wins Title

It was ugly. It was rough. It was low scoring. It was battled. And it was awesome. We couldn’t have wished for a better end to the 2010 NBA season.

The Finals had everything from an amazing Game Seven, to Anthony Keidis watching the press conference to 'Ron unplugged.'

But let’s go by pieces.

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Boston Celtics, 83-79 on Thursday night, June 17, to win the franchise’s 16th title, this team’s second straight.

Pat Riley’s quote is famous: “No rebounds, no rings." Game Seven is now the poster of it. The Lakers sucked all night long but this single fundamental of the game allowed them to remain alive and gave them a chance to win it late.

LA missed 13 of their first 17 shots which set a tone for the rest of the contest but they kept dominating the Celtics at the boards, giving themselves multiple second chance opportunities. The Lakers ended up shooting 35.5 percent from the field, had only eight assists after the third quarter, and finished with only 11. They missed 56 shots and 12 free throws but their 53-40 rebounding edge prevailed at the end.

Boston was efficient for most of the night, especially on defense and the low post, but failed to maintain the high level of play in the fourth quarter which coast them the title. Eventually their 25 personal fouls that sent LA to the line 37 times were a factor.

Kobe Bryant was named Finals MVP. Kobe struggled with his shooting, going 6-24 resulting in 23 points, but he left his imprint on the game with his rebounding, 15 of them. The same is true for Pau Gasol—6-16 resulting in 19 points, but to go with his 18 boards.

Gasol was huge late, even though he missed clutch free throws. But the spotlight was on Ron Artest. He was the Game Seven MVP, scoring 11 second quarter points that held the Lakers together on a tough moment (20 points in total) while holdin...

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