Lakers vs. Celtics 2010: Game Seven Live Blog

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11:40 PM EST:  Terrible call there.  That was a charge.  Karma made Gasol miss that first free throw.

11:39 PM EST:  Horrible offensive possession for Boston there.  Game is slipping away.

11:38 PM EST:  Two huge makes there.  Say what you want about his FT% tonight but he's made them when they count.

11:37 PM EST:  Huge free throws here for Gasol.

11:35 PM EST:  Tough foul call there on Bryant.  Didn't know he had his 1998 hops left in the tank.  Would have brought the house down had he made it.

11:35 PM EST:  Huge shot by Pierce there.  Just two points in the fourth quarter there.

11:33 PM EST:  Friend Todd makes a great point:  Media is going to blow-up over Kobe's massive rebound total.  Many of those have been uncontested, and considering the amount of shots missed, of course rebounds will be high.  Lakers up six now.  Huge sequence for the Celtics now.

11:31 PM EST:  Question that keeps popping into my head:  Will Phil have an XI hat ready if the Lakers win?

11:29 PM EST:  Kobe!

11:28 PM EST:  Lakers up for the first time in what feels like two months.  (Lakers 66, Celtics 64)

11:26 PM EST:  Kobe's legacy will be defined by the final minutes of this game.  Either he is a choke artist or a champion.  No in-between.

11:25 PM EST:  Commercial break thought:  The Warriors' "new" logo is fantastic.  I love the trend of going back to retro jerseys.

11:23 PM EST:  Another amazingly clutch Fisher moment.  I can...

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