Lakers Video: Watch Fan Tribute Rooting Lakers Past the ‘Evil’ Heat

When you're a team that's won the last two NBA titles, staying motivated may become a problem.

The Lakers this season will need to find a way to stay at the top of their game and make another run at the championship.  Lucky for them, they have a coach who's already led his team to three different sets of three-peats in his career.

And they also have an All-World shooting guard with five championship rings.

Despite the emergence of the Heat, Celtics, Spurs, Orlando and even New York this season, there's widespread confidence among the Los Angeles fanbase that the Lakers can turn it up when needed.

If you're a Laker supporter or even just a hater of the Miami Heat, you can take the time to sing along to a catchy tune by a very gifted fan.

The Miami Heat are depicted as "evil" villains in this Star Wars inspired tribute to the Lake Show.

The clip stars Obi "Phil" Kenobi, Luke Skywalker Kobe and Pau Gasol as Chewbacca.

Going up against the Dark Side's evil emperor Pat Riley, Dwyane Vader and Lord LeBron.

Can Kobe Bryant use the force against the rest of the NBA in the playoffs?

We're going to have to wait until the postseason to find out.

For now, just watch the video and be entertained.  Shout goes to for the video.

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